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Strawberry Soda
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4th-May-2007 11:24 pm - Ding dong darling, time's running.
Tomorrow. *pales* I'm fucking scared. I've never been abroad without my parents. I've said this before and I'll keep repeating this for the rest of my life, no matter what I'm talking about: I'm such a lucky bitch to have Still with me!

I've been packing my stuff for... umm... 7 hours or so and all I've managed to do is create a mess. Eep. 8D I swear that the... maleta... what the heck it's called in English? O_o Suitcase! Shame on me for looking from the dictionary. Well anygays I swear it's trying to eat me every time I pass.

It's my life
and it's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I'm alive

Bye, kids, play nice or Mommy will be reeeeally mad when she gets back. ^^ \,,/
21st-Mar-2007 08:57 pm - The soundtrack of my life
So, here's how it works:
Open your music player (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
Put it on shuffle.
Press play.
For every question type the song that's on.
When you go to a new question press the next button.
Ready? GO!
Opening Credits: Blackmore’s Rose – Ivory Tower
Waking Up: Theme – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Falling in Love: Moon Child – Ending Theme (Why did my falling-in-love get an ending theme? XDD Fair game...)
Fight scene: Nightwish – Moondance (I’ll win all the fights by dancing. *nodnod*)
Breaking up: Rhapsody – Emerald Sword (... Right. XDDD)
Getting back together: Queen – Show Must Go On (Yay! XD)
Making Love: Gazette – DISCHARGE (Scary...)
Life's okay: X Japan – Rusty Nail
Mental breakdown: Yoshiki – Without You (Classical)
Driving: The 69 Eyes – Sister of Charity
Flashback: Phantom of the Opera – Journey to the Cemetery
Partying: Sonata Arctica – San Sebastian
Happy dance: The Candy Spooky Theater – Merry Go Around (That’s my happy dance? 8D)
Regretting: Dir en grey – CLEVER SLEAZOID
Long night alone: Phil Collins – Can’t Stop Loving You (...)
Death scene: Pirates of the Caribbean – Davy Jones
Ending credits: Europe – The Final Countdown (XD)

I liked this one. XDD Maybe I'll do it again for my Finnish journal! 8D *clever*
17th-Mar-2007 07:06 pm - I feel good~!
If you live, you will die
You won't live forever stuck in time

!!! XDDD Can this really happen? XDD

In May, I'm going to go to Prague with Still-chan, and next fall my host there will come here in turn. And just a moment ago Mrs Laine, our neighbour, came here to confess, laughing, that they had just taken a Japanese exchange student to live with them AND, without ever asking our opinion, let the exchange student organization know that their neighbours (meaning my family XD) are ready to take an exchange student to live here next fall! XDD So practically, we're possibly getting a Japanese high school student here in August. (Which means we would have the Japanese fellow and the Czech fellow here at the same time. XD)

Way to go, Mrs Laine! I love my neighbours! XDD

Yes, I'm all hyper and no, I'm not doing my homework. Stupid questions. XD

Can you see me, world? Can you see me now? 8D
It's the first beautiful sunset of this year! <3 I can't wait until summer! One of the greatest things in summertime is that feeling of calmness when we go to our summer cottage and I get to sit on the rocks, watching the sunset. That's where I've seen the most beautiful sunsets! (And I miss the summer thunder storms. ^___^)

Right now, I'm totally tired of writing fics. I'll surely return to them, possibly very soon even, but right now... I feel another kind of urge to write/draw/play/whatever. I want to create something own. ^^ Something big...

I've felt surprisingly good today, considering that I managed to catch a cold yesterday (what did I say about wearing too short skirts? XD) and, what's worse, it seems that the every-spring pollen season is already starting. My allergies will be killing me again in no time. XD My throat is sore and my nose acts like a freaking niagara fall. TT_TT

I feel like the lowest creature in the universe for forgetting to draw a birthday card for Dad! TT_TT Shame on me... *worm*

I played Tomb Raider II yesterday! XD <3 I found it again and I just had to try! It turned out I haven't got any better... XDD I'm still terrified because of the damn spiders! Nyaaa.

Whyyyyyy is it not summer yet? *whine*
11th-Mar-2007 02:39 pm(no subject)
It's spring and I'm feeling happy for the first time this year. ^___^ It's warm, sun is shining and snow is melting - I can even see our neighbours's lawn, and it's green. ^__^ I feel like waking up from a long sleep. I'm alive and kicking, baby! 8D

Springtime always makes me feel better. ^__^ My winter and fall depression is already fading away.

But because snow is melting, it's all wet out there and I'll have to use short skirts more and I'll catch a cold. XDD Oh well, it's life. ^___^

... No, I'm not really consentrating on my history essay. XDDD

I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the story's through
In the end I wanna be standing
At the beginning with you
6th-Feb-2007 08:00 pm(no subject)
Leave a comment here and I'll:

1) Tell you why I friended you
2) Associate you with a song/movie
3) Tell a random fact about you
4) Tell a first memory about you
5) Associate you with an animal/fruit
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
7) In return, you MUST spread this disease in your LJ

Okay. Then to the blogging. I'll use numbers because right now I think it's easier.

1. Exam week's over, a new period begins tomorrow and guess who hasn't bought her books. XD History went well enough - I think - the arts history was... well, I made the ancient Greeks a thousand years older. XD

2. I dyed my hair. It was supposed to be blonde, but I was told my hair couldn't be dyed blonde just like that, so I thought about again and now it's... brown. o_o Like, a little reddish brown with blonde stripes. It's rather weird after being a redhead for yeeeeeears.

3. We had a prom rehearsal yesterday. Two hours of dancing, wearing high heeled shoes that are a bit too small for me. XDD Well, it was fun anyway. Even tango is okay now though I like the least of our dances - it just kills my back. X_x Virginia Reel is cute. XD And yesterday we learned ourselves the last dance - some kind of disco dance from the 80's or something. XDD I love it!

4. I'm so tired and stressed that for the last couple of days I've been constantly ready to burst into tears. ._. I've also been very short-tempered and grumpy and that has made me feel even worse. I really hope that now that the exam week's over I can relax a bit.

5. 10 days till the prom ball. *not even panicking... yet* My dress isn't ready. ^^'

6. I ate noodles today. ^__^ For the first time in my life, because I can't eat the normal ones. I didn't even know that rice noodles existed! But it tasted good and now I want more. XDD

That's all right now, I think. Bai bai baby~

~ 紅茶
31st-Jan-2007 06:19 pm - Always someone else to blame
I wanted to make myself a happy and cute icon, but couldn't decide if it should be Kai, Ruki, Kyo, Die or or or or someone else. ^^' So in the end I thought, "who cares, let it be me". So here it is! *points at her icon* Yeah great. "Cute", duh...

For a moment I wasn't happy today, because they're not bold, not beautiful - it's the fourth season of The Stupid and the Cruel. Tidididiii~! Oh the joy! You can get it only IRL!

... And a math exam tomorrow. I did about twenty exercises to revise and they were all so easy that I must have got them all wrong. ^^

No real blogging right now, sorry beibs. ^^
21st-Jan-2007 04:25 pm(no subject)
Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod how can such an adorable creature exist? *serious melting* *______* If my children will be anything like my youngest cousin, I want kids right now!

... Yeah. XD Right. So we're visited by our relatives again, and my little cousin, 3-year-old Jesse, stole my heart by simply showing me that he has pictures of red cars in his little socks. Then he started to follow me around the house. "Is this your room?" "You have carpets on floor." "Where is the snake?" "Look, look, the snake has a tongue!" "Look, look, a star! It's a candle!" "Look. The snake is on your lap." "Beware the snake! But the snake is kind. It doesn't bite you." "Look, look, Mommy cut my hair!" "You have TV. We have TV too!" etc, etc, following me everywhere with that toy snake of my brother's. When, where, how, why, what... HE'S FREAKIN' CUTE! XDDD Squee, squeeeee~!

Omg, I'm seriously under a cuteness attack. XDDD Aww aww aww AWW. TT_TT *tears of happiness* Now I can stand anything! So sweet. <3 ^_____^
21st-Jan-2007 02:14 pm - November child
*yawn* I know I had something smart to say last night, but then I went to bed and forgot it. *pout* (And had a funny and cute dream of still_chan being a lawyer and me being her secretary. XDD It was just so sweet!)

I stayed up too late again, discussing with Vesa about gays, fanfiction and slash, and, as usual, he had good opinions but wrong ways to say them. XD He never listens to anyone else's opinions and just tries to crush them with his own thoughts and choke me by using so many difficult words and senteces that I can't help but be all "... 8DDD Same in Finnish, please?" Fair game. ^^'

I also found myself wondering, how easy would it be to disappear. Puff, like that! No more visiting LJ or any forums or Msn. No more writing fanfiction and stressing about commenting and what readers might like and all. No more the difficulty on deciding, what icon to use. No more --- nothing! 8D Wouldn't it be fun? But then I realized, it wouldn't be easy. People wouldn't notice my disappearance, but I would definitely notice it and miss everything and everyone. And since no one would notice, what's the use of it? *wnb-thoughtful* I've spent too much time with Vesa, it seems. ^^

Stupid headache, go away, whoever called you? T_T *mumbles*

And hey, hey! I've been eating and sleeping well lately! ^___^ Aren't you all proud of me? *happy*

Trying to find a summer job when your birthday is in November is furstrating. *roll*
13th-Jan-2007 12:33 am(no subject)
Today I realized that there are no angsty pictures of me! Oh my! I'm sure you can imagine how shocked I was! A teenager with no angsty pictures? It's as good as a crime!

So I spent some time with my camera, took the (half accidental) results of my whoring to my pc and raped them with Photoshop. 8D Cool, isn't it?

The only child is hiding behind the cut.Collapse )

It turned out to look funny. XD Poor picture. And Meyi said it reminds her of Obscure!Kyo... I'm flattered. X)

Still-chan's coming here tomorrow and we're gonna watch both Pirates movies and be all lazy~ 8DD Unfortunately it requires that I clean here before she comes. XD Our house is a mess, not to mention my room!

My English teacher said I could improve my grade (... grave... XDD) by writing her a story in English. I'd like to write fanfiction. I wonder how she'd react if I gave her a slash ficcy... X)
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